Data Maturity Survey Insights

 Discover How Adobe Summit 2019 Attendees View Their Data Maturity



We surveyed more than 160 attendees at this year’s Adobe Summit to see where they feel their organization stands in their data maturity and asked questions to validate that perceived maturity level.


An organization’s data maturity falls into one of four categories:

  • Ad-Hoc: Data is only evaluated on an as-needed basis. Most decisions are not data-driven.
  • Periodic: Data is reviewed quarterly, monthly, or daily, but little emphasis is placed on future-looking analysis.
  • Ingrained: Most decisions are data-driven. Products and services are constantly measured.
  • Strategic: Data is considered a core asset and is critical when making strategic business decisions.


The survey was a quick, 6-question assessment. It’s only a tiny snippet of the full assessment workshops we regularly provide for our clients. Even still, the results revealed some interesting insights.